Jorfi, @DASH_Sportz , recaps the Texas A&M game from the weekend before. Braking down what was good, what was bad and what was just flat out UGLY.

The Good

The Offensive Play Calling

Whether it was Jimbo or Darrell Dickey, the offensive play calling against Alabama last weekend was almost perfect. The coaching staff knew that their guys up front on offense are experienced but not necessarily the most talented. The Aggies ran a multitude of quick hitters and ran several counters, redskins, darts, etc., that involved pulling a lineman or two. This gave Jared Hocker, the weak-link of the Aggie offensive line, an advantage by having him blocking a man that had no idea he was coming. This was one of the biggest reasons A&M was able to put nearly 250 yards on their 1st 8 drives. Obviously, you would like more than 17 points to show for that, but the Aggies were definitely able to move the ball and the majority of that is due to the excellent game plan from the Aggie play callers.

The Bad

The Execution

As well as the play calling was for the Aggies last weekend, the execution was quite the opposite. Dropped passes, mental mistakes in the secondary and not making a play on the ball kept A&M from competing for all four quarters. For instance, Ainias Smith dopped a 4th and 2 pass from Kellen Mond that would have continued the drive and quite possibly resulted in a touchdown. Instead, Alabama gets the ball back and turns the game into a 3 score lead just before the half. As for making a play on the ball, just go watch the first drive of the game for the Aggies. Kellen Mond probably threw his best pass of the young season on a back-shoulder throw to Chase Lane and then again on the next play to Jalen Preston. Neither of them came even remotely close to getting a hand on the ball, much less catching it. When you are playing elite teams, such as Alabama, your skilled players HAVE TO be an athlete and make athletic plays in these situations. With a likely barn burner facing the Aggies against Florida this weekend, it is time for these young receivers to step up and execute plays. Otherwise, the season outlook could go from BAD to ugly very quickly.

The Ugly

The Secondary

This was just sickening. Your front 7 plays their tail off to keep Alabama under 4 yards per rush and then BOOM 50+ yard touchdown pass. This was especially true through the first two quarters of the game. Texas A&M held Alabama to 34 yards rushing on 11 carries in the first half, but somehow had given up 35 points…. The good news for Aggie fans is that the secondary play can’t get much worse than it was last weekend and the receivers won’t get much better than what they saw last weekend. There is not a whole lot to dive into here, because it was that damn UGLY.

PS (Only 6 SEC teams have held Alabama under 4 yards per carry for an entire game over the past 5 seasons and 3 of them are a Mike Elko led A&M team.

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