Jorfi, @DASH_Sportz , recaps the Aggies’ win over Mississippi State and tells you what looked good, what looked kind of bad and what was just flat out UGLY.

The Good

Tackling in Space

Let’s be honest here, the book is out on the Bulldogs’ offense. Meanwhile, if you watched Texas A&M play against the Gators and Crimson Tide, you would know that the Aggies have struggled with tackling in space. Well, outside of one late series in the 3rd quarter, the Ags kept the Miss St receivers and ball carriers in front of them the entire game and quickly swarmed to the ball and got them to the ground. Against Florida, the Aggie really struggled with this aspect of the game, missing 7 tackles on the opening drive. In comparison, the defense missed only 8 tackles the entire game against Mississippi State. As we go forth through the season and A&M faces more explosive players, I think we will see whether the Aggie have actually improved or if it was just a benefit of playing Mike Leach without his horses. 

The Bad

Self-Inflicted Pain

The Bulldog defense was able to stop the Aggies on their own accord just twice last weekend. their best game this past weekend. The other 10 possessions were either stopped by the clock (halftime and end of game) or the aforementioned, “self-inflicted pain”. A bad snap pressured Kellen to throw at the first receiver he saw, which was Ainias Smith with a defender draped all over him. The ball ricochets off of Smith, back fifteen yards and turns into one of the wackiest Pick-6 plays you will ever see. After that, the Aggies had 5 other drives that were stalled out due to dumb penalties. Everybody expected a hangover effect after a big win against Florida last week, but if a 14-point-road-SEC win is the outcome of the “hangover” I think most Aggies will be okay with that. (As long as they get the mental lapses fixed with the bye week.) 

The Ugly

Mississippi State’s Offensive Line

This might be the worst SEC offensive line I have ever seen. Like holy cow, the Aggie were dropping 8 and bringing 3 the majority of the game. AND THEY WERE STILL GETTING HOME WITH THE PRESSURE! Five on 3 and you can’t block any of these guys? That is just abysmal. I know these guy’s may not be the brightest or the most talented, but at some point, it has to come back to coaching. The offensive line coach for the Bulldogs ought to be good enough to figure out how to get 5 guys to block 3 guys on a consistent basis. If those guys don’t get it figured out soon, it is going to be a LONG season for KJ Costello or Will Rogers… (whoever lives the longest)

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