Jorfi, @DASH_Sportz , recaps the Texas A&M win over Florida by giving you what was good, what was GREAT and what made him say “Holy $%#!”

The Good

The Execution

Last week we talked about the lack of execution being one of the bad parts about the Ags’ game against #2 Alabama. Well after watching the Florida game, I don’t know that I have ever… EVER… seen a Texas A&M team execute that many offensive plays against a ranked team. Not even the 2012 team against Alabama and Oklahoma looked that good offensively. Kellen threw for 350+ yards with a 71% completion rate, the offensive line allowed 0 sacks and only 3 negative plays the entire game. The only problem with A&M executing at a level like this? Is that it raises the bar and the poor execution we saw beforehand is no longer acceptable. 

The Great

The Resiliency 

The defense did not play their best game this past weekend; however, the stats won’t tell you the true story of the game. The stats won’t tell you how many times the defense had held Florida to a punt before a penalty saved Florida’s skin or a missed penalty allowed the Gators to keep a drive alive. The stats won’t explain that the defense was in position to make a TFL or sack but missed the tackle numerous times. Regardless, no matter how poor the cover and tackling skills were for 3 and a half quarters, the Aggie defense continued to fight through adversity and came up HUGE when it mattered most. They say winning can make a lot of things seem better than they really are and that is definitely the case with the perception of the A&M defense. 

The Holy $%#!

Isiah Spiller

Spiller’s personal trainer was spouting off on twitter all summer about how much Spiller grew as a running back in the offseason… Boy was he right. Isiah ran like a mad man the entire game. When he was not bursting through the hole and burning off on linebackers, he was head hunting at the line of scrimmage. The physical damage he did to Florida blitzers was probably just as traumatizing as his damage to their rushing statistics. Spiller this year is just a completely different back (in a good way) from the guy he was last year. Meanwhile in limited action as a freshman he rushed for just shy of 1,000 yards. The fourth and 2 run where he broke absolutely destroys the linebacker before out running everybody else to the end zone was the play that made say HOLY __________.

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