Auburn escaped last weekend at home versus an Arkansas team that has a new head coach, as well a new mentality. 

When Anders Carlson booted through the game winning field just days ago, Auburn fans heaved a sigh of relief, and there was much made about the officials mishaps on the Bo Nix attempted spike.

I want to use my piece in this week’s newsletter to explain exactly where the officials made that call. 

First off, Bo Nix spiked the ball behind him which is a fumble, but the referees blowing the play dead all but guaranteed the verdict that ensued. No player on either team can recover a ball on a play blown dead, and there was a clear whistle blowing the play dead. The argument that Arkansas recovered the ball isn’t plausible because once again there is no fumble on a play blown dead.

A great comparison is when a QB gets sacked and there is a question whether his arm was going forward and the referee blows the whistle. Even if it is a fumble the play has to stand as incomplete because the play was blown dead and letting the play go has been an emphasis the officials have publicly acknowledged. 

As for this week I expect a slow start from both offenses, but Auburn does have more weapons and these teams have similar deficiencies up front. USC is 10th in the SEC in sacks allowed and 12th in TFL’s given up. 
I think Auburn scores late to ice this one away.


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