Since the beginning of football the team with the best players has won the game. Today’s game is no different. There is an old saying in the football, “It starts and ends upfront”. When you look at any championship caliber team they have many things in common, but the most important is their ability to dominate the game on the line of scrimmage.

What you saw last Saturday in Athens, GA was a manifestation of when one team has accumulated a wealth of talent on both sides of the line of scrimmage, while the other hasn’t reached that level. Recruiting will always be the lifeblood of any program and having quality personnel and depth upfront can catapult teams into being contenders.

In my opinion if you look at the teams with the best linemen, you will find the best teams. There are tiers in the SEC right now and Alabama and Georgia are out front. LSU last year was an anomaly but they are building it. Auburn has fallen behind in the most important race in the whole ballgame, being able to consistently have good lines.

Teams that are able to run the ball and rush the passer have a huge advantage every time they step on the field. There are some talented players currently at Auburn, but they have to step up and do it fast or the season could continue to go downhill fast.


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