Looking around the SEC after four weeks has yielded many conclusions:

-Alabama is the best team in the league 

-Georgia is the second best team in the league-Everyone else outside of Vanderbilt is in a mosh pit of mediocrity. 

The fight to knock Alabama and Georgia off their perches is still a long one. Auburn has struggled to put together a quality roster of depth up front on both sides of the ball. A&M doesn’t have enough weapons left to seriously challenge either. Florida and LSU are very poor defensively. Tennessee is still a full quarterback away from being legit so where does that put what looked to be a crazy year, but is shaping up to be another repeat of what has been on replay for awhile now.

The advantage that Alabama and Georgia have is upfront. Until a program is able to compete with them there, all the skill players in the world won’t help you.

Is there time? Of course there is, but there are only a couple of teams capable of challenging the top two and those teams better improve a bunch, in a hurry.

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