The biggest thing I was hoping LSU would gain out of the trip to Nashville was some confidence. It didn’t have to be a ton, but enough to start to get the taste of the cowbells out of our mouths. Myles looked more comfortable and confident throwing the ball quickly and downfield. The running game looks potentially elite with John Emery finally having his breakout game with 15 touches for 124 yards and a score. The secondary held Vandy to 11/25 for 113 yards passing. Vandy wasn’t able to shake loose for big plays because we were highly improved at tackling in space. The only questionable area of the performance was the run defense, and we’re getting our best DT in Glen Logan back this week. 

This week, I want essentially the same thing: a little more confidence. It was just announced that we’re moving the game to Columbia to play at Faurot Field with Hurricane Delta on the way. While I do worry about how added travel could affect the team, LSU is one the teams best suited for a last second switch-up like this. Coach O said it best, “You call us at midnight, we’ll come play you in a cow pasture.” I’m guessing LSU starts this game with the same rhythm on offense that they finished the Vandy game with and rolls Mizzou. 

Admittedly, I haven’t seen much of Missouri this year. I know that their defense is mediocre, their running game is decent, and they’re starting a freshman at QB. This just doesn’t feel like a great spot for them even if they’re at home (which hardly matters in 2020 anyway).

44-14 Tigahs

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