Going into the College Football Season, I don’t think anybody was expecting even a glimmer of normalcy. But through almost a month of football, I think we’re all a bit surprised on how unpredictable this season has been. As a Florida Gators fan, I’ve become accustomed to stout and physical defensive units, with the offense being the unit holding us back from greatness. This season, it has been the exact opposite case, and I don’t think any Gator fan knows how to feel about it. Realistically, nearly nobody expected the Gators to have a Top 5 Offense in the Country, with Kyle Trask being at the forefront of the Heisman race. Combatively, nobody expected the Gators to hold the 13th ranked SEC Defense in YPP & YPG allowed, in addition to allowing roughly nearly 34 points per game. An inexplicable loss to Texas A&M has bleakend the outlook on the season, with many forgetting or just simply ignoring we still control our own destiny. The Gators can win out and guarantee a spot in the SEC Championship, but after 3 abysmal defensive performances, can you blame fans for their negative outlook? Todd Grantham has been the main talking point in this past week, as he has fielded the worst Florida Gators defensive unit in recent memory. Calls for his firing, and even fake tweets regarding it have circulated, and it seems like he could spend the remainder of the season coaching for his job. Through three weeks, the defense has looked undisciplined, unmotivated, and has lacked physicality. In addition to sparsity on the Defensive Line, and key pieces either injured or sat, almost everything has gone wrong on the Florida defensive side of the ball. For a seemingly reeling defense, this upcoming game vs. an explosive offense in LSU is a perfect opportunity to reject that notion, and perform at the level expected before the season. Dan Mullen knows he boasts an all time Gators offensive unit, which is currently susceptible to being essentially wasted. This Florida defense quite literally can not get worse, which makes me think it’s only up from here for the 2020 Florida Gators.

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